• Bauer Couplings

  • material

  • galvanizing steel

    electroplating steel

    blackened steel

  • sealing

  • black NBR O-ring

  • range

  • 2"

    3" 75mm

    3" 90mm





  • Tech Specs

  • hose tail external thread welding end reduction elbow 45° / 90° branch T / Y flange ring strainer foot valve

    Bauer hose shanks are designed to be used in heavy duty applications. That makes them more resistant to impact and wear, ensuring a longer working life.

    Bauer male adapters are provided with a lever ring, female parts with a sealing O-ring.

    The end of Bauer couplings can be custom-made, commonly hose tail, threaded and BW end; or more welding options such as an attaching flange ring, a strainer or a foot valve.

    The body structure can be made with reduction, Tee type or Y branch style.


  • round collar sharp collar multiple serration

    Serration or multiple collar is usually applied on Bauer hose tails. Better friction force can be achieved inside the hose with it after assembly.

    Round collar is standard.

    Sharp collar gives more gripping forces in use with band clamping.

    Multiple serration is recommended for ferrule crimping.


  • Material and Finish

  • Steel plate rolling for standard production

    Flowforming process for high quality of zero welding steel tubes


  • O-ring

    Black natural buna rubber gasket (NBR)


  • Non branding

    Possible engraving on lever suggested


  • Plywood case

    Fumigation free