• Storz Couplings EN 14420-2

  • material

  • cast aluminum alloy

    forged aluminum alloy

    brass alloy

  • sealing

  • delivery NBR gasket

    suction and delivery NBR

  • range

  • 52-C



  • Tech Specs

  • smooth tail serrated tail

    Storz couplings can be attached with EN14420-2 hose shanks making it standard to be assembled with EN14420-3 clamp units.

    DIN hose shank Storz is provided with couplings with smooth and serrated hose tail.


  • delivery gasket suction gasket snap ring

    Delivery gasket, black or white NBR, is usually suppplied, or suction-and-delivery ones can be fitted where minus pressure is happening in the line.

    Wrench, wire and binding device can be supplied as accessories.


  • DIN EN 14420-2 — Hose fittings with clamp units - Part 2: Hose side parts of hose tail

    DIN 14301 — D-Druck-Saugkupplung PN 16 aus Aluminium-Legierung


    DIN 14321 — C-Saugkupplung PN 16 aus Aluminium-Legierung

    DIN 14322 — B-Saugkupplung PN 16 aus Aluminium-Legierung

    DIN 14323 — A-Druck-Saugkupplung PN 16 aus Aluminium-Legierung


    • Aluminum alloy

    • Sand blasting

    • Brass alloy

    • Sand blasting

    Material and Finish

  • Forging alloyed heads, esp. small sizes

    Casting heads, sizes above 4"

    Casting hose tail


  • Branding on the head

    Sizes, eg. C-DIN

    Pressure PN16

    Additional forging or certification marks


  • Cast Aluminum Carton Qty (pcs) Weight (≈kgs)
    52-C 40 17
    75-B 24 19
    110-A 20 21

    EUR standard pallet

    LW 120 × 80 cm